The Moment Cricket Clicked: Snicked Behind

The Moment Cricket Clicked: Snicked Behind

Welcome back to another instalment of "The Moment Cricket Clicked" this weeks is written by the legend himself Snicked (@SnickedBehind on Twitter). Snicked is someone whom I've known since the earliest days of starting this blog and even before then. Personally I am forever indebted to him as he shared one of my earliest posts and at the time that was huge huge moment and it's safe to say I wouldn't be where I am without him. Anyway here's Snicked on the moment Steve Harmison truly cemented himself as one of the greats.

When did cricket click for me?

Let me take you back to Edgbaston 2005. Michael Clarke is batting with Shane Warne on day 3 and they've put on 38 runs and it's getting twitchy, the score is 175-7 chasing 282. It's a boiling hot day across the country.

I, a newbie to cricket, have gone from saying "they have a break for tea? Weirdos," to "crickets alright when nothing else is on".

It is now, where the theatre that is cricket would have me as a fan for life. The crowd is getting twitchy, "oooooh" the crowd goes, Harmison roars in, sweat dripping.

And then the most bizarrely loopy ball, to me a new cricket follower at least. It looks like a beamer, but it dips viciously. Clarke has no idea.


"Oh, Steven Harmison! With a slower ball, one of the great balls! Given the moment, given the batsman, and given the match, that is a staggering gamble that's paid off for Harmison" bellows Nicholas

Harmison howls, fists pumped, the crowd bouncing.

Crickets, alright at times, isn't it?

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