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Golden Boy back to his best.

Golden Boy back to his best.

England were looking to get of to a strong start this year, and their captain in particular was desperate to be back in the runs. Well Root has found his feet. Dancing like he’s just finished a milkshake with Mia Wallis, stroking the bat like a purring cat and dissecting the field like it’s a very intense game of operation; ladies and gentlemen this is Joe Root.

The way Root batted today was a masterclass in how to toy with and wear out a bowling attack. Oh you’re going to go a touch full here’s a sweep yeah drag it back a bit why don’t you let Joe Root sit on the backfoot for a bit what can go wrong.

Yet the most impressive thing today was not Root’s ballerina feet nor was it his endless array of sweeps, bullying Kusal Mendis at short leg, no it was his respect. When Root was out of nick he seemed desperate to score, desperate to show that he is better than the attack, better than a good ball. But no one is, and today Root remembered that, and on the odd occasion when a Sri Lankan bowler got one in the right spot he did the right move and paid his due respects.

As he approaches 8000 test match runs one thing must be on his mind, ‘this is just the start’. The start of a stellar year for England, for Root, for Silverwood and for every test cricket purist in the world.

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