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A blog dedicated to the game that makes millions smile every day


Cricket is a game that brings out the simple joys in life. Whether it be trying to hit the ball with all your power and finally middling one or trying to produce the perfect delivery only to feel it roll of your finger tips and the voice in the back of your head quietly exclaim "ohhhhh yes that's the one" cricket produces feelings which no other sport can. Cricket is the game that makes even the most mature giggle like a small child. Find me someone who can resist a small chuckle as his friend drops a dolly or misses a full bunger or even bowls one himself and I shall eat my cap. Cricket is a game which has brought together all kinds of people from every walk of life over the ways hit throw and catch. It's a simple game and this sometimes gets lost on us fans. Cricket means everything to me and I do believe without it the world would be a worse place. This blog is dedicated to the game that brings a smile to my face everyday and has brought me closer to people than ever before. 


The Run Out Blog aims to cover as much of the global game as possible. The game is evolving and changing and hopefully this blog can help offer some clarity and opinions on what is going on.



Have a story you feel you must simply tell? It can be about anything and everything cricket related. A player you feel doesn't get the lime light, a theory you want to share or simply a story you want people to know.  Please feel free to drop us an Email or contact me on Twitter (both shown below). Cricket is a game for everyone and we want everyones stories to be heard.

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